Since 2002, my personal journey has pushed me toward an always more solidified integration of the divinity within the physical body and its limbic system, in order to unify them within a coherent whole that transcends the usual splits between love and fear, head and heart.

Pursuing in parallel esoteric apprenticeships and academic studies – and hoping a bit naively that I would be able to constitute a fertile dialog between these different ways of knowing, I arrived at a point of no return where I had to choose between staying within academia and its overly rational universe in which I excelled (yet limited my expression), or fully commit to what my being felt was a truer, more authentic expression (the expansion of the infinite heart).

I completely opened up to my psychic abilities and fully accepted, once and for all, that the heart is the only place where truth dwells. I faced my fear and discovered what happiness is: the freedom of Being without any stories about what we SHOULD be. It is so wonderful to remember the Light within, to incarnate and express it on this planet!


In translation
Or, avant le délice fut le supplice, et j’apprécie beaucoup de pouvoir exprimer ma gratitude et rendre hommage à mes mentors, ces personnes qui ont grandement faciliter cette transition très difficile de s’éloigner de ce qui est connu et maîtrisé et cheminer vers l’inconnu. J’apprécie également que vous soyez ici et m’offrez l’espace pour vous raconter mes aventures.

Je suis remplie de gratitude envers les enseignants qui sont arrivés dans ma vie exactement au moment où j’étais prête à faire le prochain pas sur mon parcours d’éveil. Mais surtout, je suis complètement émerveillée par cette intelligence universelle à l’oeuvre qui fait en sorte que ces rencontres magiques puissent avoir lieu, démontrant de façon assez évidente qu’il y a une force divine qui nous guide et nous donne ce dont nous avons besoin pour s’éveiller, mais seulement lorsque nous sommes vraiment prêts à les recevoir.

À force d’avoir des situations de ce genre qui se répètent, il devient de plus en plus facile de faire confiance à la vie et de douter de ce que l’égo a à dire!!!

Je prends donc le temps ici de vous raconter en long et en large comment j’en suis arrivé à (commencer à) m’éveiller. Si c’est plutôt mes formations spécifiques qui vous intéressent, vous pouvez les repérer facilement ci-bas car elles sont titrées en majuscules.

In 1999 through his Jacques Tombazian’s Institute for Energetic Medicine and Consciousness Studies, Jacques started teaching Energy Medicine, Alchemy and different healing modalities.
In 2001 Jacques founded the non-for profit Global Healing Foundation in New York, USA. In 2008 Jacques founded Alchemy 111 in Montreal, Canada, an online holistic healing clinic. He closed his physical clinic and concentrated on serving patients, clients and students from all over the world. I studied/am a Graduate of his Institute (that no longer exists) from 2000-2002 (été 2000 until August 2002, then I had seb in september and took a 5 year live in nature break to ponder my options – academia or healing arts… flip flopped between both of these options for another 10 years!!!

My mentor for over 15 years (met her just as I was finishing my apprenticeship with Jacques, there wasnt even a week that went by between graduating from Jacque’s Institute and connecting with Patricia the first time :). Hard to describe such a woman who taught me so much about owning my fire. Let’s start with ‘An amazing woman with the healthiest well-defined boundaries I have ever come across’ and ‘A holistic laser missile able to pin point the childhood programming being played out’, and we’re barely scratching the surface of her teachings!

Taught me Quantum Liberation and the releasing through the Sacred Heart. She was a student of Don Miguel Ruiz and the official representative of his teachings and the Toltec Way in Canada until she moved back to France in 2016. Most of the Heart work was learnt from Don Miguel’s mother. This woman taught me to open my Heart even more than I thought was possible, and made me grow in ways I didn’t realise I needed until it was done! This woman is very powerful, has very strong clairaudience, which means she hears what’s going on inside you – including what you’re not willing to hear! Not easy to face these parts hidden in the shadows – and love them so thoroughly that they melt away – but man oh man is it ever worth it!

What an adventure it has been to spend the last 2 years studying Human Design with Karen Curry Parker. Wow!!! ‘Astrology on steroids’ is a fitting expression for Human Design, which blends various esoteric traditions into a highly synergistic and holistic system. I have taken many classes with her during this time – the big one being the Quantum Alignment System, an program that lasted nearly 8 months…

Others along the way played important roles as well, and my gratitude runs deep for these souls and the teachings they offered me : Bernadette Kaye, Franz Freire del Aguila, Tim Musche, Maude Cliche-Richard, Myriam St-Onge…

Last but not least, and not mentioned by name, are the powerful teachers that showed up as what seemed like ‘enemies’ but instead, through relational hardship, cracked open my heart even more!