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What inspires me…

Here are my main fields of interest, they are my greatest sources of inspiration. My academic studies revolved around some of these fields of exploration, but the limitations imposed by that institution in terms of accepted modalities to explore these subjects in-depth eventually led me to dissociate myself from that social institution (when inspiration gets boxed into limited perspectives, at a certain point it becomes suppression if meaning, which is quite similar to depression).


  • analytical/systematic thought VS holistic/systemic thought
  • the implied dynamics of these 2 ‘systems’ and their methodologies
  • what is made visible (and invisible) when using these 2 ‘systems’ (hint: one of these is very exclusive hehe)


  • how each human faculty leads to a different way of knowing
  • how to converge these faculties harmoniously
  • the dysfunctional knowledge that results fromt he seperation/repression of certain parts of the whole
  • the different types of worlds (societies, social structures) based on different ways to configurate knowledge


  • the multiple levels and dimensions of Being
  • the process of subtle energies incarnating into a body
  • the processes of integration, expansion and ascension (Flowering of Being)
  • the goal and function of experiences, the core existential questions of ‘who are we and why are we here’


  • contexts, scopes and implications of different healing systems
  • comparisons of structures used for healing by different cultures
  • the shamanic ways of looking into a person to determine which level of being needs healing
  • the naturopathic perspective on different levels of healing and how to activate them
  • intuitive ways of connecting to and travelling into someone’s psyche

What I aspire to…

I have many aspirations and they can all be summarised as a mission I share with many other beings incarnated on this planet at this tims (or communicating with us from other worlds):

Facilite our collective transition towards new ways of being and togetherness based on energetic configurations that are superior to those we have been in for millenia.


Ok that sounds overly complicated so, concretely, this means:


  • lots of inner work to dislodge the low frequencies of fear and clean up their consequences in all the bodies (physical and subtle)
  • long periods of time in meditation, during which I send out intentions and requests and receive teachings and guidancee about inner transformation processes
  • regularly letting go of what I think/imagine myself to be and stay open to what life seeks to express through me (in other words, actively transcend ego as often as possible, a lengthy process that gets easier with practice)
  • be a source of unlimited joy, peace and love and hence participate to our process of rememberance of who we truly are (this too is not always easy and takes time but it does eventually become natural)


  • offer one on one mentoring to those who hear the call of expansion and the integration process required to experience it
  • offer group courses and workshops to be of service to the collective awakening and assist my brothers and sisters in their unique processes
  • offer, at no cost and to all who are interested, informations that feed the transformation of our segmented consciousness in order to fully reconnect to unified being
  • share my life story, offer inspiration and encouragement to others so they can courageously transcend fear (yes, it is possible to be free!)
  • eventually write a book offering my own synthesis of the teachings I have received, thereby contributing to the expansion of unified knowing and planting it into the collective unconscious