Dissolving Karma: Part 2

This message has three parts: 1- some context and some ‘energy’ info regarding the dynamics of karma, 2-a quote from the book that inspired this series of messages, and 3-a little warm up exercise to start doing the inner work involved in karmic clearing.

So… if we strip it down to its core foundation, with no instrumental intentions (power interests) spinning it into a means to control people, then what is left of karma?  Basically, what the f’ IS karma anyways? And why talk about it now?

Whether we are aware of it or not, there are some massive energy shifts happening at this time – the info comes from many directions (and dimensions) and these shifts were predicted thousands of years ago. Even science as we practice it today recognises these changes (at a purely physical level like electromagnetic frequencies and stuff like that). Yet – and this is important – whether science can observe and measure changes at the physical level, these changes are effects of intense changes happening in nonphysical levels – in the ‘Noosphere’ (as Teilhard de Chardin coined it in his book Cosmogenesis), the sphere of mind. Now, if we remember that mind as we know it, the conscious thinking mind, is a very small fraction of our psyche – think of the iceberg metaphor, where all the subconscious stuff (beliefs, memories, programs of behaviors, etc.) underneath the conscious stuff is submerged under water, is much bigger that the visible part and deeply affects us even though we like to act like the visible part runs the show – if we remember that, it will be easier to accept and understand that these changes are happening much more at a nonphysical level than a physical one, and much more at an unconscious level than a conscious one.

To put in in a nutshell, we are in the midst of a healing crisis. Now I don’t know if you know about how a healing crisis goes, but basically it involves things getting worse before they get better, i.e, shit hitting the fan, stuff hardening up before it finally explodes, issues screaming as loud as they can before they are transcended, patterns fighting back to survive as they are being dismantled…  And when I say ‘we’, I mean all of life on Earth, including the Being of Earth itself, Gaïa (and beyond but let’s stick to here on Earth for now lol). Now… where it gets tricky is that all this is interrelated and interdependent – meaning that groups as wholes don’t heal without each member healing, the Earth as a whole doesn’t fully heal itself unless every part of it is healed. So… we are each responsible for our own healing, which sets the conditions for the healing of our collectives, and further expanded, to all of Earth’s inhabitants and Earth itself. ‘Be the change you want to see’ sums this up pretty well.  Why do I say tricky? Because it puts a lot of responsibility on each of us (we are all co-creators of this world), which flares up our inner victim energy that wants change to come from the outside*.

(*be aware of any reactions you might be having to what I just wrote, we all have a bit of that energy that, translated into words, would say something like : ‘I was hurt and it shouldn’t be up to me to heal what someone else did to me’, and we all react to it differently. Personally I found that voice so annoying in me that I ended up building a super productive and strong persona that bullied that inner child and stuffed it down into a dungeon so I wouldn’t have to listen to it whine anymore – but that doesn’t heal shit, it just creates more stuff to heal, more ‘soulwork’ to do before deeper levels of healing can be achieved, so please don’t follow my lead lol ;)).


Ok fine, so that’s why we’re talking about it, but what IS karma?

‘Karma is the working out of every unresolved suffering and negative deed from every life (past and present) experienced on Earth’.  (Diane Stein, We are the Angels)  

Every suffering that has been experienced remains in the individual’s energy makeup until it has been resolved and releasedResolve is the process of coming to terms with what happened, how it harmed us and affected our lives, and most importantly, allowing ourselves to feel the difficult emotions (quite a challenge for many of us!) in life-affirming ways (also quite a challenge for many of us!) that help to dissolve the shame/blame/guilt patterns.  This understanding – which is more cognitive ‘tip of the iceberg’ type – then sets the stage for the release process, which is the deep subconscious excavation work I’ll be presenting in this series of messages.

Release involves clearing karmic patterns out of the energy bodies in which they have been stored: the physical body (sensations), the emotional body (feelings), the mental body (thoughts) and the spiritual body (understanding self in relation to others and the Universe).  This release, to be complete and hence ensure it breaks the ongoing chain of suffering, requires clearing these patterns all the way back to their original source. This in turn requires some important realizations that need to go all the way down into the core of our being and then swell back up into conscious awareness: fully coming to terms with the consequences of our choices and actions in the past, and making the choice to no longer tolerate or perpetuate suffering in any way (once again, this is about becoming responsible, or rather, becoming aware that we are not victims of anything else than our own actions and their effects, and coming to terms with/accepting that not remembering these actions from the past, unfortunately, does not absolve any of us of their effects and our personal responsibility to heal them).


Here’s a quote from the book that has inspired me to write this series of messages that quickly covers the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of karma, and the ‘how’ of its release:

‘Karma is not a punishment. It is a mechanism that connects all of a person’s lifetimes and sets the course of study for each soul, the ways in which various things and their opposites will be experienced in all their different angles. What we call ‘negative’ karma is simply an energy of pain and injury that has to be cleared and removed for the maturation process of the soul. The experience of suffering carries its own important lessons, its purpose is to teach us compassion for others, and to prompt a level of spiritual growth that makes it impossible for first the individual and eventually the collective to harm someone else or itself. Karma is a process of learning and soul growth in which each individual learns and comes to understand the consequences of their actions and their pain. By understanding the consequences, individuals also learn to act in ways that bring joy instead of suffering to self and to others.

Life on Earth contains suffering because it is only in the body that old hurts resurface to be healed. They are not healed in the between-life state or anywhere else but in incarnation in a body. Once all suffering is released and healed from one’s energy field and the realization of the oneness of life and compassion for all has been fully achieved, there is no longer need to reincarnate or continue to experience pain (those who come back do so to be of service to the collective awakening). This is what is occurring here and now, for both individuals and the planet. We have reached the point of no return in which the pain and suffering of thousands of years worth of unconscious behaviors and their consequences are bubbling up to consciousness to be healed and released in order for the Earth and its populations to survive and continue experiencing life in physical form, at a higher frequency that what has been experienced up to now.

Where the disasters on the planet have the purpose of forcing governments and nations to make changes that honor the life force in individuals and the Earth, the suffering in people has the purpose of forcing individuals to heal the harm and damage of all their lifetimes. In both cases, the disasters often seem impossible to deal with. In both cases, they involve an energy clearing, a releasing and sometimes reliving of the energy of pain to remove it from the aura so it never has to be relived again.  As a major part of the Earth changes, massive karmic dispensation and clearing is becoming not only accessible but easier and gentler to effectuate, possibly for the first time since Earth was formed. This energy of clearing and core soul healing is the most exciting and crucial facet of the Earth changes we are all part of. And even though we are each responsible for own our karma, we are not alone in our healing.

The members of the angelic realm that guide and direct human and animal karma (the keepers of Earth’s Akashic Records) are working with us in a more direct way than ever before to heal suffering and prevent it from returning, whether that be to individuals or the planet. Simple yet powerful tools, as well as direct assistance in removing suffering and energy obstructions from our lives and past lives, is now being been offered by these angelic record keepers. The techniques involve healing the damage of past suffering from all energy levels, from the unseen energy bodies that are the primary parts of human anatomy and life (Note from Julie: just like the iceberg metaphor, most of us have very limited awareness of our multidimensional energy bodies, for example the chakras we now know more about are the ones from the etheric body, the layer closest to our physical body, which is only one of 7 main energy bodies (that each have their own chakras) that encapsulate each other like Russian dolls. We’ve barely scratched the surface of our ‘energy architecture’). By working with these angelic beings, the results of karmic release and core soul healing are much more comprehensive than working only at the physical/emotional levels. The results might affect the physical body in a positive way, but the true measure of their results manifest as freedom from suffering, greater peace of mind, positive self-image and empowerment, and infinitely more joy in living.’  (Diane Stein, We are the Angels)

So what do you say? Do you feel willing to do this kind of soulwork? If your answer is no, that’s fine. No one is being forced to do anything they don’t want to do. You can keep reading or deleting as seems best for you at this time.  For those of you who answer yes, read on! J


Here’s a little warm-up exercise to help you along this process of self-discovery:

If you’ve never done this sort of inner work it can be a bit frustrating at first, so please be patient and gentle with yourself. The ability to be still and receive energies makes it much easier of a process, so that’s definitely the starting point. Figuring out how your psychic sense works is another – some people see energies (clairvoyance), others feel them (clairsentience), still others hear them (clairaudience), and the one I have and which I find harder to not have doubt interfere with is the ‘just knowing’ (clairknowing). Then there’s the whole resistance to wanting to see/feel/hear/know, which is another story altogether and some of that might clear on its own as you start ‘playing’ with getting to know your way of knowing. J

Sit comfortably (or lay down but not completely to avoid falling asleep) and start putting your attention on your breath. Don’t try to change it, just observe it and allow yourself to become it. Train your mind to not wander by getting it fully involved in what you’re doing (this is what I teach in my Dynamic Meditation courses, by the way). You are the breath coming in, and being expelled. Do this until your mind starts getting bored and stick to it even if it tries to distract you into doing something else (hint: when your mind starts doing that, know you’re really close to entering a relaxed state, cause the mind in many ways is afraid to go there, so keep it busy doing the breath with you until it releases its grip on your attention). As you become the breath, change its entry point to your chest plate area, breathe into its center (heart chakra) from the front and the back of your body. Each inhale makes this whole area of your body increase its vibration/light frequency, and each exhale expands that higher frequency into the rest of your Being.  Do this for a while, and then take note of how you are perceiving this work you’re doing on your energy body: do you see it or feel it, hear it or just know it’s happening?  This should give you an idea of how you will be going about perceiving the Beings you will be working with to clear the karmic patterns out of your energy system.

The next step will be to actually call on these Beings and ask for their presence and their healing. Start lightly. Create a sacred space around you and the room you are in (there are many techniques to do this, let me know if you want me to expand on this but basically something around the lines of stating that only the highest frequencies that have your highest good at heart be allowed to participate in this process). Clearly affirm your intention to yourself and to the Universe, i.e. that you are willing to do this work and receive the information needed to understand, accept and release what will come up to your awareness (this helps to lower the interference coming from fear patterns and limbic scripts in your ‘survival brain’). Breathe and be as relaxed as you can, tension makes you blind to all this stuff which is very energetic and can be quite subtle at first (it gets stronger and more intense once you become more used to it and safer with feeling these types of energies). OK, now ask for the presence of the Angels/Spirits of Karma, or Guardians/Keepers of Akashic Records (whichever formulation you prefer). Ask that they come to you so you may ‘speak’ with them. Trust in however it is that you perceive their presence (by sight, sound, sensation, knowing) and don’t let the rational mind and its doubt-based mechanisms interfere too much (if so just go back to the breath exercise for a couple of minutes, the Beings won’t leave just cause you’re having difficulty concentrating, they don’t experience impatience or have judgments of the ‘you’re wasting my time’ type).

If you have never had an experience of exploring a past life, once again, be gentle with yourself…  Ask these Beings to show you a past life that has relevance to this life and a difficulty you are experiencing now. Be still and let impressions come. If it seems traumatic you can ask to ‘watch it like a movie’, without feeling distress or pain. As the goal of this work is to clear out negative karma, ask the Beings to heal what you are shown and its influence on your lifetime now. This isn’t the complete formula I’ll present later, this is just to get you going and used to doing this kind of ‘work’ and getting to know the broad contours of your incarnational past. See this as a general exploration before you go deeper into specifics. If possible do this regularly – you want to build up your ability to sit through a clearing session that will last longer and go deeper as you get familiarised and able to maintain inner stability to do a longer stretch of this kind of work. It’s possible that images or understanding will emerge after, in dreams or flashes during the day when you least expect it (sometimes that’s the only way the info can get passed the ego and the rational mind that can act like really good hockey goalies when you’re actively trying to access other levels of information).

Build this momentum in the next couple of days/weeks. It is soooo worth it. I wish I could convey that to the deepest levels of your soul with words! All I can do is share information, and you decide what you’ll do with it. J

Next message will cover the 4 basic types of karma that we have, and how best to go about working out the clearing of these different karmic strands. If you do the work I’m proposing in this present message, you’ll already be in a better position to see some of the general patterns of learning that your soul is experiencing, which will make it easier to aim via these 4 types of karma. I will also give you the formula that Diane Stein created, based on years of trial and error, for the healing to be as complete as possible.

So stay tuned, that message will arrive in your inbox sometime during the week!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Can you tell I’m excited about this?  I feel so much lighter after many sessions of doing this. Especially thanks to what comes after the major clearings are done, which is the energy balancing process through which the lower subtle bodies will be re-aligned together so that the higher levels of your Being can come in and install themselves properly (and eventually permanently) in your re-aligned ‘base’ levels. These higher parts of your Being were never affected or damaged by experiences of physical incarnations and perceptions of being separate entities in hostile environments. To reconnect with them and embody them is the end of suffering and the beginning of remembering how awesome it really is to play the game of experiencing life in different forms.  To reconnect with them is to remember our wings, to remember that ‘We are the Angels’.

Here’s to us doing the work of remembering and having the biggest party in the cosmos ever once we’ve all re-membered ourselves together!!!



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