Dissolving Karma: Part 3

Here we go with the third message about Clearing Karma. It’s a bit longer than the last one and also has 3 parts to it: 1-an intro and an overview of our energetic constitution; 2-a long quote from Diane Stein covering the 4 types of karma with examples from her own experience in her healing practice; and 3-a summary of the basic guidelines and the exact ‘wording formula’ she developed to ensure the karmic clearing be as comprehensive as possible.


I wanted to send this out last week, but hopefully the extra time gave those of you willing to explore the process a bit more time to get accustomed to connecting with and receiving information from the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of our Karma/Akashic Records’.   As I said in the last Newsletter message, I’ll be giving you the ‘wording formula’ Diane Stein developed so that karma can be cleared as thoroughly as possible, as well as the 4 basic types of karma that we accumulate throughout our incarnations and how to best go about clearing them (hint: working on some of them first helps to get to the other ones with less work). I really also want to talk to you about our energetic constitution but I can’t do it all in one message or else its gonna start looking like a book, not a Newsletter lol. (ok, good luck Julie! lol)

So for now, I’ll share some basic infos with you, just so you have a basic understanding of where, in you, karmic healing applies. I’ll talk at more lengths of the energetic bodies and their templates once I send out the guidelines for the ‘Energy Balancing’ process, also done with the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of our Karma/Akashic Records’. The effects of that process are quite profound in terms of re-integrating all the levels of our Being into the auric field, including the ones that were never affected by our human incarnations. I can’t quite communicate in words what it feels like to have these higher energies come back in, but basically it feels like… going home? Or like being in the arms of the ultimate mother? J

OK so here’s a super quick breakdown of the lower layers of our energy field, some if not most of you probably already know a good deal about it considering the explosion of literature about chakras in the last 15-20 years. Think of a Russian doll (Babushka) with all its nestled layers, the most outer ones are the higher parts of our energy field that are fully connected with non-physical reality (the causal level). Then from the most inner going outwards you have the physical body, its energy version the etheric body, then the emotional/astral body, then the mental/mind grid body, then the spiritual/celestial body. If we talk about these lower layers in chakra terms, we’ve gone from root chakra up to heart chakra.

The templates of these layers are where karma is stored. Furthermore, there are selves involved in these layers: the etheric body contains an ‘etheric double’ that is best understood in terms of development as an infant self. Then the emotional/astral body contains our ‘astral twin’ that most of us know as the ‘inner child’. The mind grid could be said to contain the young adult/analytical thinker (I tend to see it as a male but that’s just me and how I see my mind). The spiritual body has several layers that nestle into each other, the one corresponding to the heart chakra area is where the ‘higher self’ resides (when it’s integrated versus kind of floating and retreated off to one side of our physical body as is often the case).

There’s also a sort of blueprint of all these layers in the throat chakra area (which is the first level of the multi-leveled causal body that you’ll be bringing back in, once you’ve cleared a good amount of karmic residue). This is most likely where the Akashic Records are, as opposed to somewhere ‘out there’ which is an illusion of duality – it’s really all inside, including the entire universe, planets, beings… Its ONE consciousness experiencing multiple manifestations, the physical world is only one of its many extensions through which it plays with projections. In summary of my not so short summary, what matters is understanding that these 4 lower levels are where karma is stored, and each level has a certain ‘psychological’ development scope: infant, child, intellect mind/young adult male energy, higher self/young adult female energy, then the upper ones are the more ‘accomplished/matured’ energies (Mother and Grandmother in Wiccan terms, or more generically put, Loving Parent and Wise grandparent).


Hopefully you’ve explored a bit of your karma since the last message I sent or are already aware of some of the main patterns your soul has been experiencing throughout your incarnations. Having a basic understanding of these broad patterns really helps in terms of ‘aiming’ your requests for karmic clearing. Even if you’ve never done any work on karmic issues and past life regressions, your present life gives you most of the info you need to be able to discern your core patterns and issues – they are visible via your emotional landscape and your thought-forms (basically how you interface with the world in and around you). So… a willingness to truly look at yourself (selves) is essential, as well as owning what you discover, cause victim energy and blame game strategies are the best way to ensure this process will not work for you – you can’t release what you’re not willing to face and take responsibility for. Realisation of the patterns you have created is key to dissolving them, and realisation of this nature is NOT about guilt or blame or shame, so watch out for the ego who will try to make it about that so you stay glued to its way of seeing and continue to project outward what is really going on inside.

These categories will help you focus on core patterns, starting from your present life and tracing them back throughout the past – they have a source and have repeated throughout multiple intertwined lives, giving you more data each time to get to the point of realisation needed to face them and heal them. Lucky us, we get to clear a lot of this now, in a much easier fashion than was available before (for various reasons discussed in the last message). Please do seize this opportunity, it is the future reality we are creating now and it’s still up for grabs whether we’ll get to stay here and keep playing the game of matter in a more joyous way or keep up with the old habits and most likely destroy our playing field. Here goes the long quote from Diane Stein’s book, We are the Angels:

“The four karmic categories are simple and evident. They are dis-eases, relationships, life situations, and character traits or negative habits. It is fairly easy to look at one’s current life and find a number of items in each category that need work. The trick of karmic release is not only to identify the problem in this life, but to identify the patterns of their recurrence in past lives and their sources in the lifetimes where the patterns began. Considering we have had thousands of lives here and elsewhere, locating the source of anything may seem next to impossible, but this is not so. First of all karma from other planets is rarely relevant to the Earth Akashic Records, second of all since we are at a time where it has become possible to clear most if not all of our Earth karma, the Beings who ‘manage’ Earth karma only need your willingness and desire to understand to open the floodgates of your subconscious to you. You are not doing this alone, you are part of the planet and its healing, and Karmic grace is part of the Earth changes.


The first category or kind of karma includes physical or nonphysical dis-eases or conditions. This is probably what people think of immediately when they want dispensation from a negative situation in this life. It’s actually the last thing to approach the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of Karma/Akashic Records’ with, as all the emotional and mental sources of the dis-ease must be first cleared before they will grant a release. Every dis-ease has its emotional and/or mental component or cause. Some dis-eases cannot be healed – the damage to the body is too great, but if nothing else is granted the dis-ease will not be repeated in coming lives. The person experiencing the dis-ease can also be made more comfortable or given partial healing, if full healing cannot be attained.

Dis-eases in this category include more than those of the body. I have worked with people at healing their mental and emotional conditions and achieved positive changes. The results have shown me that absolutely nothing in human life is hopeless. In physical dis-eases, the mid-range of ills seems easiest to clear. Avoid asking to heal a cold, flu or skin scrape, as such conditions are self-limiting and require no angelic assistance. On the other hand, a person who has been born with a physical deformity may not be able to change it. I have seen optimistic results with such things as muscular dystrophy, spinal curvature, attention deficit disorder, multiple personality disorder, chronic insomnia, inability to quiet the mind, tumors, lifelong allergies, injuries, sores and bone breaks that refuse to heal, spirit possession, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic back pain. Remember that these were not medical healings, but if karmic release is granted, conditions may change for the better.


The next category of karma and karmic healing is relationships. Our mates in this lifetime have been with us in many other incarnations, and we have built patterns of behavior with them that may not all be positive. Every life has its confusions, difficult situations, and left-over pain to clear. The problem in a particular lifetime may not be with the relationship itself but with the traumas of an earlier life or death. Circumstances like a traumatic death or separation in a past incarnation can prevent soul mates from accepting each other in this life. One or both may unconsciously fear a repetition of the trauma. Difficulties in today’s marriage or relationship may also come from the slights, poor judgments infidelities or misunderstandings of past lives. Those who are true soul mates have been together through many lifetimes with countless opportunities for both love and difficulty. Now is the time to clear and heal the past for the peace and benefit of the present and future.

Relationships with others who are not soulmates also require healing. These include one’s children, parents, business partners, coworkers, teachers, friends, other relatives, and people who have done us wrong or harm. Parents and children can provide our greatest karmic lessons and challenges, as can people who have hurt us. As we incarnate in groups and interchanging roles, our parents from this lifetime may have been our children, teachers, friends, or enemies in other incarnations. Someone who has hurt us in this life may have hurt us before. As with our soul mates, there is usually a long karmic background with anyone who is close to us or important to us now positively or negatively. Viewing the source of friction between any two people can offer great understanding of why the friction exists. Often simply knowing the past life source is enough to clear it and prevent its continuing.

I have found it important to ask for “complete karmic healing” with any close relationship, whether there is friction or not. By doing so, all the problems are released, though all may have not yet been revealed, and the relationship will run far more smoothly. It is very useful to do this especially with one’s mate, parents, children, and business associates. An ounce of prevention, in even a harmonious relationship, can give a pound of cure. It is necessary to note, however, that when asking for karmic healing involving another person, the healing can be given onto to you. The other person must ask for it directly if she wants it. When you ask to heal a relationship you are asking to heal your part in it – and that usually is enough. It is a grave error to try to change someone else’s karma without their consent and participation, a breach of ethics that is not permitted, and may in itself carry negative karmic consequences.

Life Situations

The third category of karma and karmic change is life situations. If, for example, you have worked hard all your life but are still struggling in poverty, the reason may be karmic. By finding the past life where the poverty began, you may gain an understanding of what you need to learn from it, and having learned it can then release and change it. You may find that you are poor because you abused your wealth in a prior incarnation. You may find you are poor because some guilt in this life or in a past incarnation convinced you that you deserved to be poor. People who have been nuns or monks in the past and taken vows of poverty may need to discover and release these vows.

Often a decision that was positive in a past life setting carries over to the present, where it is no longer positive. This can happen also in our present lives, as a decision made by a child that is positive at the time may no longer be useful and may even be harmful to her as an adult. A child’s choice to repress the memory of a trauma she cannot deal with can mean emotional survival for the child but wreaks havoc on her psyche and development when she is grown. The adult can handle the memory and heal it, but must have some idea of its presence to begin with. It’s the same with past life traumas, and in the case of negative life situations this is often the mechanism to discover and clear. If your negative situation began in this lifetime, asking to see the source will also reveal that information and karmic healing will release it.

Negative Character Traits and Habits

The fourth category to clear through karmic release is negative personality or character traits and bad habits. I have used this process to help people quit smoking, and though they still had to do the work of quitting and go through the detoxification of their bodies, the process was far easier and faster than it otherwise would have been. Phobias come under this category, also. Most of these are direct past life carryovers, and understanding the source often immediately releases them. The person who fears water was probably drowned in one or more past lifetimes. Someone who fears heights may have fallen to his or her death from a high place or have been greatly injured. Anorexia may have resulted from having starved to death in the past; the source of anorexia in several women was death by starvation in a concentration camp.

Recurrent dreams are often karmic, also. They may show fragments of a past life situation in an attempt to bring it to conscious attention for healing. Often the dream makes no sense until you ask the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of Karma/Akashic Records’ for its source and release. In one case, a woman’s dream involved being under the Earth, alone and afraid. In its past life source, she had been a miner left to explore a cavern alone. Her partner had gone and the rope access ladder fell; she was trapped in the cave and eventually died there. The partner who left her is now her lover. By opening the memory, the dream that has haunted her for years stopped, and her relationship greatly improved.

A negative character trait people have found difficult to clear can also be released by working with it karmically. In my own case, I asked for help in talking over other people; I had to learn to let them finish speaking before I answered. I had tried unsuccessfully to break this habit for years, but one request for karmic release stopped it permanently. Other examples are mannerisms like continually pulling on a lock of one’s hair or biting one’s fingernails. Most of us have such habits.

A friend had great difficulty in keeping her house neat. Her refrigerator was always filled with spoiled leftovers which she would never eat, and she hated and avoided grocery shopping and cooking. She and her children ate at fast-food restaurants, even though she knew better. When she asked for help, we asked the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of Karma/Akashic Records’ to assist us. The common thread seemed to be food, and we asked for the source of her food issues. She was shown several past lives where she had either been a house servant permitted to eat nothing but leftovers, or she had been responsible for cooking meal after meal for large numbers of people. She had been an army cook and also a cook for workers of a large farm. She had cleaned other’s houses in many lifetimes with little thanks. Once she saw and released the past lives and the damage from them, her housekeeping resistance lessened considerably. We were told that it would gradually disappear.” (Diane Stein, We are the Angels)

One last thing I’d like to say before I give you guidelines for the clearing work you’ll be doing with the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of Karma/Akashic Records’. I know how hard it can be to accept that we agreed to, at a soul level, the experiences we would gravitate towards in our lifetimes. Not remembering these decisions made at ‘way up there’ levels seems so unfair to our ability to cope with them as they happen, yet if you knew in advance, could the learning be as thorough? Also, it’s highly unclear that our non-physical selves could really comprehend how intense physical pain and psychological suffering can be – from the soul level, the ‘concept’ of suffering is disincarnated and is another word for how spiritual growth, learning lessons and evolution/maturation occurs. As Diane puts it: “At these levels there is no pain, and just as people forget the soul worlds when they are born, souls forget what pain means in the body once the body dies.” So try to keep that in mind if you notice yourself going into ‘victim mode’ where something is being done ‘to you’, cause the reality is that “we agree to our lifetime learnings, but do not always choose how these learnings are to manifest. They are decisions made on nonconscious levels, for the greater good or necessary evolution.” Hopefully that helps one of you reading this, as it just came to me now to write this and was not part of the initial message. (like it wasn’t long enough already lol) J


If you’ve followed my basic guidelines for entering into a meditative state and figuring out how to sense the presence of the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of Karma/Akashic Records’ once you’ve asked them to come into your space, you have most likely already had an encounter with them. Personally I see them in a circular row in my mind, I sense 9 of them of which 2 are females (this is my perception though, and they’re angels so does it really matter what ‘sex’ they are? Lol). Ideally you’ll figure out how to converse with them directly, if not a pendulum can be of aid but clearly state what you allow to come through that technology (highest vibrations, highest good, etc).

The work they do on your energy bodies when you ask for clearing is almost immediate, you might feel it like a flash, or a fountain, or even as a mind grid reparation, it might also be felt at a very specific location in your body. There are probably as many ways to experience these clearings as there are humans on Earth, so please make this yours! Also, there might be no sensations involved at all, which doesn’t mean it’s not happening either. Some of the work done becomes obvious via its later effects, such as dynamics of a friendship that all of a sudden change, or noticing in retrospect that something you used to do all the time hasn’t happened in a while. In other cases it might take longer, partly because other people’s karma might be involved, or you need to do something before the request is granted (one person was told she had to fully decide if she wanted to live before they would grant her specific request, another person who asked for healing of a liver cancer was told she had to first work on learning to love herself, another that the healing would be given only if she left her abusive partner).

OK so here are a couple of super basic guidelines:

Give these Beings, who have the ability to change your life, the respect they deserve : ask for their presence but do not demand it; never argue with them and always thank them for whatever was cleared; if they tell you to do something, take them seriously; if they answer ‘no’ to a request, accept it.

About getting a ‘no’: be aware that it might be more about the wording than the actual request, or that you need to see more of the pattern and its aspects before what you are asking for can be cleared. These Beings are there to help you, so trust their guidance and how they unfold consciousness to you, often in layers and in more than one session, especially for deep issues that intertwine through different types of karma. Remember also what Diane said about dis-eases: it’s the last aspect you’ll work on, the emotional, psychological and mental aspects (causes) need to be faced and cleared prior to working on their embodied manifestations (effects). You can often ask them for clarification in order to understand what you need to aim at, as your asking is the condition for receiving assistance and release.

You can ask for as many releases in one session as come to mind, but respect your body if it needs rest. Also, do one clearing request at a time, meaning one issue at a time and make sure it is completed before you move onto another request. Aim at the entire issue/problem/situation rather than breaking into parts. Make sure you formulate your questions and requests so the answers can be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (unless you’ve got nicely developed psychic communication skills, stick to the basics as it can get complicated to understand holographic thought from our linear perspective). For some people the yes/no will look like green/red traffic lights (how cute!) or a clear/obstructed highway, for others it will be bodily sensations like warmth in heart area/discomfort in groin, others hear or see the words in their psyche. I, as I’ve told you before, just know and somehow grasp the whole picture of it in a flash. A funny thing that can happen is to sense these Beings’ excitement when you have a serious breakthrough in your understanding and realization of your core issues. Diane reports having heard them clapping their hands, I’ve felt the intensity of their presence blast through the roof when I finally saw through one of my major blind spots (for you curious ones: that victim and bully coexist as an interdependent unit, that you can’t have one without the other – I’m not saying this applies universally to all of us but I can see the scope of my human lives as a pendulum swinging between these 2 extremes over and over again, to fully realise this dynamic in me is a big step forward in my soul’s maturation, whose developmental level was that of a teenager when I came here).

And finally, here goes the word formulation for clearing karma as thoroughly as possible:

Questions should be stated along the following lines:

-May I have karmic release from…   May I receive healing for…   Will you grant me release from…

-You can add the word ‘complete’ and see what happens. Sometimes the answer will be no, in which case reword without the ‘complete’, or once when I asked they answered ‘no to complete, yes to almost complete’ (and later on after more clearing I asked again and this time it was granted).

-When you’re working on relations, aim for ‘complete karmic healing for my relationship with…’ to get to any obstructive/negative karma affecting that relation (you might also need to ask to heal your past lives with that person). You can certainly ask to heal a relation to a person no longer living or to one you have not seen in years.

-Rarely but it might come up for you, IF you are shown a highly traumatic past experience involving another person who has harmed you deeply (or if you have had such an experience in this life), AND the Beings you’re working with are willing to grant it, you can ask for ‘complete karmic release and severance from the person’. Do not do this lightly, or out of spite, only ask if they say its appropriate and they approve. Harm from such experiences can carry over into the present and cause karmic patterns or difficulties, even if you have no contact with that person in this present lifetime.

Once you get a YES, then ask that the clearing/healing/release be:


This formula covers most of the angles needed to get the most comprehensive release and healing possible. For those of you who wonder why it needs to be so precise, it’s partly because most of the karma is held in the mind grid, where the precision of words is important. Also if you look at each of the 4 parts of the formula, it’s obvious it basically covers a multitude of angles of the dimensions of space and directions of time, as well as making sure not only the cause but all the after effects are covered, and finally that all of it be brought to you, in this incarnation, here and now.

Have fun with this process. It might be serious but it’s also about freeing yourself from the shackles you’ve made up (literally!). Treat the ‘Spirits/Angels/Guardians of Karma/Akashic Records’ with respect, but don’t be afraid of them of feel inferior to them. We’re all Beings of Light, treat yourself accordingly!


Those of you who actually got all the way to this part of the message, I say Thank You! It’s a very long process to write these messages and translate them one word at a time. I will not write messages this long very often. I’m doing it because I feel the call and I’m listening to it, I offer you my time and effort in a completely free way, there are not secondary motives. It would be a great pleasure to hear from you and your personal stories from working with this process! Be at peace, I love you all very much and I know we can transform this world, one karmic release at a time! 😉

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