Soul Alchemy

Hello lovely Souls exploring life in a body!

I hope summer is fun for you up to now and will continue to bring warmth and light to your heart! ♥

I want to take a moment today to share a little bit about Soul Alchemy and invite those who feel the resonance of my words to consider embarking on what has been, for me, the greatest journey of them all: the one of travelling within and deeply connecting to core essence!

It brings me great joy to share the knowledge I received from the first healer that trained me, almost 20 years ago. Jacques Tombazian, who passed away from the physical dimension last November, was a healer that worked mostly with energy tools based on mystical alchemy and shamanism. A very humble man, he never took credit for any of the awesome tools he taught me, as he had received them through a series of channelings that in total lasted a couple of years (!!!). By the time I met him the ‘system’ of Soul Alchemy was pretty much complete, and all of the levels of the platform through which the journeys are done had been explored and mastered in terms of the many scenarios that could happen when you were there.

I am eternally grateful for having been his student – he found me when I was ready, even though I didn’t know at that time that I was! It didn’t take long for me to realise the gift I was being given, as I experienced very deep healing of core issues I had lived with up to then and had no idea I could ever be free of. Some of these issues were sexual traumas, others were issues that had their source in past lives.  (I’m in the process of writing a book in which I share various aspects of my journey, for those interested in such readings stay tuned… I will be announcing more about that in the fall.) I remember those journeys like they happened yesterday, and I am more than willing to say that this type of energy work has been the most rewarding in terms of getting to know my soul dimension, but more importantly in the ability it gave me to converse with my Guides and receive deep guidance whenever needed…

You see, the beauty of Soul Alchemy resides in the fluidity of its process, that helps you excavate the subconscious mind without having to deal with all the defense mechanisms and barriers it puts up  to ‘protect’ you from going into what feels unsafe. How does it do this?  Very simply, you enter into relation with your energetic structure in a different way. That is, often we try to tap into what’s going on in the depths of the subconscious mind using our conscious mind, yet these 2 aren’t very friendly – actually they can be quite hostile one toward another. Your conscious mind likes ordered, rational, controllable and ‘useful’ information and a lot of the ‘stuff’ in the subconscious is messy and emotional, symbolic and intuitive, and can be scary and therefore seemingly ‘dangerous’ to explore.

With Soul Alchemy, the method of connecting to the content of the subconscious mind involves a different approach, an elevated ‘positioning’ that is hard to explain. Here goes my probably too academic way of putting it: by going into your energy bodies from a ‘SUPRA’ level of conscious awareness (ie from a space of Being, of higher mind), the ‘SUB’ level (the space of personality, lower mind) is a lot easier to access without all the barriers getting flared up.  It doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing, but the powerful energy tools used in Soul Alchemy are highly effective at shedding light on what is hiding in the shadows of your subconscious self, busy creating that resistance so you don’t go there.

On top of the energy tools, you also have the presence of the person guiding you into your Soul’s Landscape as an extra ‘truth and lie discerner’ of what is actually going on as opposed to whatever your ego might be spewing out to get you to leave that space.  It’s very important to realise that your ego/limited self will fight back – as would any life form that feels threatened. Learning to deal with that push back is the most rewarding training you will ever offer yourself, since the ability to stay present within hard to deal with energies IS what transforms them. Avoiding only makes them stronger and makes you feel weaker. What an awesome illusion to bust through once and for all!!!

For those of you who have been on my Wisdom/Sagesse Newsletter since its start in 2002 (jeez time goes by!!!), you already know that my core mission is to share information that helps us in our awakening process. I have always done this with no instrumental/strategic end-based logic. It really is my pleasure and my passion to share the knowledge that helped me along the way, and send it out with the intention that it help others. By doing so, I help to implement it even deeper into myself and that is pure awesomeness! For example, as much as translating all the karma messages was very time-consuming, I really enjoyed doing it because it solidified the work even deeper into my core (and yes I still do the Energy Balancing process once a week!).

Nevertheless, there are certain knowledges that I am not willing to simply put out there and let people figure out how to do the work themselves and deal with whatever might come up.  Soul Alchemy is one of those, but please understand that this is not an ‘information control’ thing. Very simply, each location of the Soul’s Landscape is a journey that is done, the first time, with a trained guide that has already experienced the full process. I am a strong believer in autonomy, and so once a journey has been done with me and we have excavated whatever energies that might have been hard to deal with on your own, you are then more than able to go back there on your own when you want to.  The same applies to all of the locations within the landscape. My ultimate goal is for you to be your own Soul Alchemist. ♥

Slowly but surely I am setting up a training program for those who would want to be facilitators of this healing modality, but for now the main offer I have for those who are interested in exploring their Soul’s Landscape is to do so via private one on one sessions. These sessions tend to last 2 hours, sometimes 90 minutes, sometimes all the way up to 3 hours. Generally speaking, I sit in front of you and guide you into your landscape and travel in it with you. I’ve been doing this a long time now, so there isn’t much that can fly over my awareness while we’re in there – in other words I am like a hawk peering into your landscape and I help you develop a strong critical muscle, a truth-discerning capacity that will go a long way in your personal healing but also in your relations with other beings (human or other).

If this is resonating with you and you want to start exploring the process of navigating within your Soul’s Landscape with me as your guide and mentor, I have a total of 4 openings per week for one on one work during the summer. I also offer an introductory course that serves the double function of presenting the global process and its workings, as well as doing a first journey into the landscape. This intro course is great for those who aren’t 100% certain whether they want to embark on this route, it also allows the person to ‘test’ their ability to enter that space and whether it flows for them or not. For those who already have experience with journeying and know they can work with and enter into energy platforms, the intro course isn’t necessary. Of course it’s still a fun course to take, but I only offer it in French at the moment.

If you feel attracted to such an intro course, do let me know. I will start the process of translating the folder of documents I created that offer a global view of the process and the energy tools we use within this framework of exploring consciousness, in order to offer the intro course in the fall. For those who feel they want to do this sooner than the fall and that are already versed in journeying within, then just give me a ring and we can set up a first session. If you would be more interested in the training program to become a facilitator, know that you need to do every single journey as part of that training (on top of the other teachings), so you could start by doing sessions to see how far you want to go into it.

There is a universe within you, Soul Alchemy gives you access to it in a structured ‘visual’ platform into which we travel and visit various locations that have their own structures. To name a few of these ‘locations’ that are generally the first ones we will go into: there is your Soul’s body (to re-integrate and heal various energies that might be interfering with your ability to develop a strong bond with your Soul), the Tree of Discernment (to strengthen your ability to judge on your own terms, without influences of external authority figures or doings from past lives), the Reproductive system (that in the case of women houses their Inner Goddess of Creativity and for men their Power Guide). Then there are ‘higher’ places we go into but these previous ones need to be fully cleared of any interferences before we go further, or higher, or however you want to describe a non-physical symbolic environment…  😉

To name just a few of these ‘higher’ places: the Communication Center (where your memories gets stored, also where your own unique healing/spiritual power symbol is and a Guide devoted only to teaching you how to use it), the Pyramids (containing skills, talents, powers, knowledges from your other lives that you can activate and download into your cellular structure), the Castle (where all your guides reside and await your presence and acceptance to sit in your throne and fully activate the communication links with them), the Temple (where the Guide of your present incarnation resides and awaits your arrival to offer you advice and power objects to aid in your awakening to the purpose you gave to this lifetime).  All of these structures and the Guides that inhabit them get tested and whatever isn’t of a high enough vibration to support your life doesn’t get to stay the way it is. Hence why it’s called Alchemy – we take the lower frequencies and do the necessary steps to transform them into much higher frequencies that help you expand your awareness of who you really are…

I guess you could consider Soul Alchemy as a sort of Spring Cleaning of all the different energies in your subtle bodies. Beyond cleaning though, it might be more like Feng Shui, as the goal is to bring a new flow, a fluidity that allows you to connect to energetic realms, discover new realities and expand your ability to tap into the plethora of non-physical resources at your disposal.  ♥

I could write about this for much longer but I will stop now and let you ponder if you feel ready to explore your Soul dimension through the awesome platform that Soul Alchemy offers. If you feel the call, give me a ring or let me know if you would want to do the intro course first.  If you’re bilingual you can consider attending one of the 2 remaining intro courses this summer: July 9th and August 13th.

Lots of Love and Laughter is what I wish us all to experience!

Bless our Souls with tons of kisses!



PS. For those of you who have expressed finding it hard to connect with the Akashic Record Keepers with which you do the work described in the Karma series, going about working with them from within the Soul Alchemy platform can offer a structure that helps to converse with them more easily.

PPS. For those new to the Newsletter, here is where you can consult those messages:

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