I love writing, it has always been one of my core strengths. As I spent many years within Academia, my writing skills developed into a highly structured system that suits the scope of rational thinking involved with intellectual endeavors.

Parallel to this 'mental' hyper structured writing, I also developed strong abilities to channel information, which involves a completely different set of communication skills - much more emotional and intuitive, never pre-organised and overly structured, more similar to speaking than writing.

The inner stance involved is also very different - channeling involves getting out of the thinking mind and surrendering to energy flows that sometimes come through as words, other times as images or even feelings that then get translated into words.

It is much more spontaneous than reflective. There is much less filtering and when there is 'evaluation' of whether the info is correct or not, it is not the same type of critical/analytical skills that are used to filter the information.


I share with you in this section of my web site various texts I have written, published on various platforms, ranging from academic ones to my own personal blog.

I might eventually add parts of the book I am writing about my journey and its many twists and turns as I went about transcending everything I thought I was.

I am also sharing here the web-novel I wrote at a major transitional moment of my life during which I experienced my first 'mystical' experiences. Believe it or not, this web-novel was my final 'paper' for a graduate level Anthropology class!

I am forever grateful to the now retired professor Jacques Chevalier from Carleton University, my first contact with an 'enlightened academic', who gave me the opportunity to explore another facet of the writer in me - not the academic one, but rather, the poetic one!

I hope you will enjoy reading my writings and find little parcels of light within them that feed your own awakening!


Writings published on Various Platforms

Tone Magazine article (2000)

Under construction (not the texts, the site! lol)

Spiritually Inspired Academic Texts

Breaking Away from the Analytical: An Academic's Spiritual Journey (2001)

Reclaiming the Whole Self by Breaking Away from the Analytical (2002)

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