Creating an energy shield is really about re-defining your BOUNDARIES based on a process of excavating your core beliefs and the values you have inherited, so you consciously choose what will define your energetic territory – the one that filters what you allow, what you uphold, and what you do not offer any food to.

Most of this work is based on going deep within yourself and really taking the time to consider not only your values but how these translate into the roles you play in the world and the requirements these roles are given.  I call this type of excavation work to assess and redefine the boundaries of your energetic territory: SPIRIT ARCHEOLOGY.

As you do this kind of excavation, you will discover that some of your values are hurting you and others are not even meetable – either because they are in contradiction with other values or are not upholdable in the first place. Such scripts in your energy field create boundaries that are unstable. These scripts also allow certain behaviors that if you consciously saw the root that allows them, you would stop accepting them.

I wrote 2 articles in Cheminement, which is similar to Tone Magazine but on the Gatineau side. I aim to translate them as time allows. I am open to offering sessions in exchange for translation work as I no longer have the time to do them myself.

Such excavations can be a very POWERFUL exercise if you clear things as you undergo the process.  I am available for such work, it is very much part of my passion and is a requirement for Soul Expansion, as your energy field defines and determines what you let in and out as well as what you give space to within yourself.

Feel free to reach out, I’m right here, serving the Flowering of Being!!! ♥