Dissolving Karma: Part 4

Hello to all our Beings!!!

I am happy to have found the time today to send you the next part of the healing process that Diane Stein teaches throughout her book We are the Angels  – a process received from the Guardians of the Akashic Record, these Angels who manage the totality of the memories we have accumulated in the course of our many lives as well as the basic Ariane Thread of our explorations as souls, these parcels of the whole having the experience of being individualised.

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to seize this opportunity to do the inner work I’ve been offering you for the last couple of weeks, but know that it’s never too late to have fun investigating your past memories in order to illuminate and transcend them!  Every message I send on the Newsletter is then incorporated to the julieclaire.ca web site as a blog article, so nothing is lost and everything remains accessible. That’s my contribution, to myself and to all the beings that are on an inner path toward their luminous heart.

Talking about the heart, here’s a little sharing of my personal journey: I spent a very big part of my life unable to imagine that I could truly free myself from the past, whether that past be related to this life or past lives.  This certainty of being doomed was so strong during the first years of receiving teachings and healings from shamans and other types of healers, the aspects I was meeting within myself that were drowning in oceans of guilt in regards to actions committed in past lives, all I could see in these experiences were the depths of the darkness within me. I was unable to see the light in me, and the ability to forgive myself these actions literally seemed impossible to cultivate or even access at all. Even though I would always see both sides of the dynamic my soul had chosen to explore through such actions – in one life I was a victim, in the next a bully, then the guilt would make me go back toward the other extreme, etc. – it just didn’t seem to give me the information I needed to learn to love and forgive myself.

Being more on the side of codependency than the one of narcissism (they’re on the same continuum and are its two extreme opposites), my ego would feed itself on forgiving others easily, my ego loved playing the game of Savior, Helper and Martyr Archetypes… but when it was time to do the work of forgiving myself, oh boy!  In truth, I wasn’t really forgiving the other either, my ego was feeding itself with energies of ‘better than others’ (basically grandiosity and the ego version of forgiveness), and all this was a game to not have to actually feel my inner victim, the part of me that was suffering enormously. So I was protecting myself from feeling deep suffering by implementing this huge structure of ‘I am strong and I help others’. But I would never help myself, cause that meant taking the risk of feeling the angst in me and risk that it would completely consume me until I stopped existing. (fast forward to today:  this fear is founded, it is the ego’s fear and it is valid because to open up to the light  and allow it to completely pass through us and take its rightful place inside our bodies  IS the end of ego and even though it can’t see the light, it senses that its survival is in danger as it’s either him or that light, it can’t be both!).  No no no… an ego that feels threatened isn’t intense or dramatic at all!  lol 😉


My gratitude toward these years spent training with these beings that accepted to be my mentors for my awakening process is endless, as is my gratitude for the spirits of the plants with which shamans enter in communion. I’ve received as much teachings and support from these spirits as I have from spirits incarnated in human bodies.  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  Please don’t mistaken my saying that to mean I’ve completed the process…  I am still actively learning the art of letting go (and letting God) of all these illusions through which I condemned myself; but I can honestly say I am not the same person I was before. There’s  a new (or rather very old and recently rediscovered) lightness of being in me, a deep peace that wants to spread and envelop all our collective and individual suffering with Divine Love’s balm. That love isn’t mine, it is impersonal and resides within us all in our depths, patiently waiting to be rediscovered, felt and re-activated so that we can all surround the Earth with it and the peace it holds, and hence participate to the ascension of Gaïa and of humanity, finally transformed into its noble ally.

Jeez…  Can you feel my inspiration?  I feel so full of the vibrant breath of life that wants to awaken us all! J  OK let’s get down to business, here is my presentation of the first steps of the energy balancing process that has been given to us by the Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records.

Do you remember the quick summary I gave in the last message about our energy bodies, all nestled into each other like Russian dolls? Well the first steps of the energy balancing process are specifically for the four ‘layers’ that are closest to the physical body. If we use popular chakra talk, they correspond to the subtle bodies of the root-sacral-plexus-heart chakras (and the throat one that contains a blueprint of all those lower levels). Our energetic system is much more complex than that basic understanding, and doing the energy balancing process regularly can really help feel and discern these differences in ‘levels’.

Here’s a quick explanation of these energetic subtleties before I give you the directives in the book. As well, be advised that the energy balancing process has better results once you’ve cleared a good amount of accumulated emotional baggage by doing the processes to clean and release karmic patterns that were presented in the previous messages. Both the clearing processes and the energy balancing processes involve communicating with these Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records, so they’ll let you know if more work is needed to clear the bodies before starting to heal and align them altogether. They will be the ones doing these processes on your energy bodies at first and eventually, with the integration that comes from receiving the alignments over and over again, it gets much easier to just re-align whatever energy body is out of whack on your own. So, ask you ask for the energy balancing process, you’ll have a better idea of whether more ‘clearing’ work needs to be done prior to starting the work of realigning all your energetic structure.

So, OK. Next question. Do you remember that I mentioned that all our energy bodies each have their own template?  Well, that’s exactly where the memories of our experiences on Earth get stored, it’s on these templates that get scripted the ‘damages’ caused by our negative character traits and habits, our life situations, our relations and our dis-eases and sicknesses (the 4 types of karma discussed in the previous message). Furthermore, many of us don’t have clear delimitations between our energy bodies, which makes it difficult to be able to feel the differences between physical sensations, our emotions towards these sensations and the thoughts they generate – they’re all mixed up together. The clearings that come from releasing karma alleviates this enmeshment of the lower energy bodies, and I don’t know if you’ve practiced the clearings enough to notice, but it gets easier the more you do it and the more you grasp the main thematics your soul  is exploring.

Each step of the energy balancing process puts these templates back to their original state. Karmic clearing processes continue as you request these alignments and receive the healings they involve, and it’s possible that some karmic clearings that were asked and not granted will all of a sudden get worked out through these processes (sometimes ‘no’ from the Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records is simply because we’re not done exploring the lesson that pattern/trait/situation/illness/relation offers – for example I asked more than once for the complete karmic healing of a relation and the answer was always ‘partially only’, and a couple of days that person contacted me for the first time in over a year. My feeling is that part of this karmic working out needs to happen in the physical and that’s why the answer was never a full yes – there were still elements to develop and experience in regards to that relation before the karmic residue could be completely dissolved). What’s really cool with this work on the energy body templates is that it really helps each of them regain its natural form and hence its appropriate positioning in the global structure of our being, which makes this structure more fluid and the experience of being more ‘flowy’ and aligned.  SO here go the steps with added notes…



1-Ask the Guardian Angles of the Akashic Records to come to you, and ask if they will grant you an ENERGY BALANCING PROCESS.
*If you receive ‘no’ for an answer, explore why by asking questions that can answered with a yes or no option. Generally speaking, the answer will likely be that more karmic clearing needs to be done before the balancing process can be done.

*This can happen super fast (like a couple of seconds), or take up to 5 minutes. In doubt, ask them if the process is done and whether or not you can move onto the next step. I’ve noticed that my breathing changes and my mind calms down once it’s done. One thing is for sure, this alignment ensures a better circulation of energy currents between the different energy levels, and this alignment is necessary before doing the more specific individualised alignments.

a-the KA template
b-the ETHERIC template
c-the KETHERIC template
d-the CELESTIAL template
e-the I AM template
*You ask in this specific order and you wait for each energy work process to be finalised before you ask for the next template. You might feel sensations like little tickles, colors, waves, etc. these sensations can vary for each templates. Trust that you will know when the work is done, and in case of doubt just ask them before asking they work on the next template. Very rapidly, here are the roles of each of those templates:  they connect the energy bodies together via bridges /connection points between specific chakras of the Hara and Kundalini lines of the emotional and etheric bodies. I’ll give more details about this later, but for now and very schematically, the function of each template is as follows: ‘a’ links the physical and etheric bodies together, ‘b’ the etheric and emotional ones, ‘c’ the emotional body and the mental grid body, ‘d’ links the mental body to the spiritual body (it’s through here that the Higher Self is able to come in), and ‘e’ links the spiritual body to all the lower energy bodies via the blueprint  contained in the throat chakra. I’ll talk at more lengths about the next levels up as well as the specific connection points between these templates in the last message I’ll send in this series (there’s one more before that last one).

*It seems that our DNA helix is composed of 12 strands, whereas we only have 2 of those presently activated, and this request reactivates these strands (this is very subtle work, I had some visual impressions during this process and it lasted a couple of minutes). Then the core soul healing request lasted longer (and was also very subtle).  This step of the energy balancing process only needs to be done once, maybe 2 or 3 times tops, once you feel the work is complete. You can always ask them if it is necessary to re-do it – I did it 4 times and the answer has remained ‘no’ ever since, and I’ve done the energy balancing a dozen times since. So, once this request is granted and fully completed, it’s done, whereas the previous step and the next ones need to be done many  times before the alignment really sticks and gets fully grounded.

*This cord (localised at the back of your body, between the heart chakra of the Kundalini line and the Thymus chakra of the Hara line) is very important, it is our connection to source as well as the means by which our higher subtle energies can enter our energetic structure (as well as leave it when the experiences are too dark and intense). It’s very hard for these higher energies to be fully integrated in our structures when there is a lot of active karma and inner violence, basically when ego is taking up too much room… These parts are so luminous they cannot be damaged by our human experiences, but a nonaligned energy structure makes it hard for them to enter into it and integrate it. You will feel this cord more and more as you ask for its healing and activation, and once you will do the next steps of the process I will present later, you will be able to feel these higher levels of your consciousness come in through that silver cord.

a-ask for her name
b-ask for a gift
c-offer her a gift
d-invite this energy to stay permanently connected to you
*This is the ‘adult’ aspect of your Self/Soul.  I feel it come in, or rather slide into me, by a mixture of sensations in my crown area and the back of my heart chakra, and it progressively fills up my whole body (actually it surrounds  and merges with the Inner child and the Inner Infant). How to describe these sensations other than by saying I feel full of weightless luminosity…  Receiving the name of your Higher Self  can take some time before you grasp it as the lower mind/ego can freak out the first couple of times this energy frequency fully enters you, especially for those of us who tend to keep it off on the side of our physical body and not fully integrated within it. Also, the gift thing: we’re talking about things like: ‘I would like to receive you guidance, feel the love in you’, and it might ask you to ‘give it all your sadness/pain/dark thoughts/etc. This is basically an exchange that paves the way to a newly more conscious relationship with yourself and the love within. The steps ‘a’ to ‘d’ do not need to be repeated each time, once of twice should do it and then you can simply go directly to inviting your Higher Self to come in (it will already be there once you’ve done this process a couple of times), and do the energy work on your Hara and Kundalini lines. You can also converse with this part of you whenever you want to (but is much easier if it is properly installed).

*This part can last 5 to 15 minutes, so don’t be in a rush and let the work happen at its own pace. Generally, this energy work starts coming in from the top of the head and slowly fills downward. Your Hara line is related to the Ketheric template, which corresponds to the astral body/sacral chakra in our usual understanding of the energy system. The chakras that compose this line, in order and from the top down, are as follows: one above the crown and out of the body, one at the base of the skull/junction of the skull and the spine, one at the thymus, one at the junction of the ribs underneath the sternum, one at the belly button (this is the Hara center), one underneath the perineum, then one for each knee, and a double one under each foot, and finally one about a foot under the feet in the ground. I am so grateful for having read this book because it put an image on a bunch of energy points I could feel in my body that didn’t correspond to the ‘popular’ chakras. What a surprise it was to see them all mentioned, exactly where I could feel them! J

*This part can last 5 to 15 minutes, so don’t be in a rush and let the work happen at its own pace. Generally, this energy work starts coming in from the top of the head and slowly fills downward. Your Hara line is related to the Etheric template, which corresponds to the etheric body/root chakra in our usual understanding. We know the chakras on the Kundalini line pretty well by now:  the crown on top of our head, the 3rd eye in the middle of the forehead, the throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral/sexual about 3-4 inches under the belly button, and the root one right on the perineum. Notice that these chakras and those of the Hara line alternate pretty regularly.

9-Ask that the PROCESSES and ALIGNMENTS that have been done BECOME PERMANENT.
*All though you ask for this permanency of results, it will not be done in one shot as there are many little things that can take us out of alignment in the course of a day…  Until a good amount of healing is ‘achieved’ and the energy balancing process is done and re-done many times, which will make this become more and more solid as I was saying earlier, it gets easier and easier to quickly notice and recognise when we’ve lost our center and aren’t properly aligned anymore – we lose the feeling of  peace, which is a lot easier to notice when you lose it once you know what it feels like!

10-THANK THE GUARDIAN ANGELS OF THE AKASHIC RECORDS, and allow yourself time to soak in this energy for as long as you want!
*This is a good time to converse with your Higher Self, or just enjoy how good it can feel to be within.


I leave you now to explore this process before I send the next message in which I will offer you a series of very specific healing requests that will be much easier to do and to integrate once you’ve practiced these first steps of the energy balancing process. These healing requests will touch upon many subjects and help clear out other ‘karmic threads’ that are lodged in your templates, as well as some directly in your chakras. In the book she recommends spending at least one month familiarising yourself with the sensation of having your Higher Self fully integrated within you and able to converse with, because this Self will be able to guide you in your following requests you will formulate for karmic clearing to the Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records (these clearings, too, will get easier and easier).

Until the work involved in the next steps is done, energy work that will help bring back in the higher levels of your being that correspond to the Benevolent Parent and the Wise Grand-Parent (the Mother and the GrandMother), the steps explained in this message need to be re-done on a regular basis. They will get quicker and quicker to effectuate each time, and often there can be only one or two of the steps that actually need to be done (test with a pendulum or just do the whole process cause it’s fun 😉  I love doing the whole thing regularly, it helps me sense where I tend to have my energies leak out or get out of alignment. I’ve even had moments where I felt it when it happened, and I don’t think I would have had that discernment without having done this process. The more you do it, the more permanent it becomes. It also gets easier to feel the chakras of both lines as the Higher Self works on them and fills them up. I had 2 chakras I could barely feel before that are now open and, wow, what a difference!  At the start, when I would do this process, it would take at least 40 minutes to complete (half laying down to not fall asleep), now it takes about 20 minutes and the bulk of that time is the filling of the chakras.


Yeah! Lots of love to you all! In a week or so I will send the additional healings you can request, and then just before Christmas I’ll send you the formulation of the last part of the energy balancing process by which you will invite your ‘even higher selves’ to come in by first aligning the templates and their chakras (yes, even more chakras we don’t know much about!). I cannot imagine a more awesome gift to give yourself for Christmas than doing this work and getting to its culmination: the reintegration within ourselves of our divine, angelic energies.

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