Soft Eyes Smile Within ♥ L’Éclat de Douceur du Regard Intérieur

I want to express my deep heart-felt gratitude for the little morcel of time I shared with Lila, my young female cat who died last Sunday from a mortal wound to her throat. Gasping for air in her last hours of physical incarnation, she got some respite from such stress once we got to the Emergency Clinic and they put her on life support during the last 30 minutes of her life. Even with tubes all over the place coming in and out of her body, she was still a beautiful cutie (see pic below) – and it moved me so profoudly.

Tune into Sacred Heart Resonance ♥ S’aligner à la Résonance du Coeur Sacré

I want to reach out with a quick note to inform – or remind – you that there are HUGE energy shifts going on right now, involving earth resonance frequency changes, a bunch of solar flares, electro-magnetic transformations and re-alignments…  Lots of energetic stuff that affects our own bio-chemical systems and electro-magnetic field that can lead to feeling tired, moody, overly emotional and even at times ressembling symptoms of depression.

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