Dissolving Karma: Part 5


Hello everyone! Alright here goes the second to last message about dissolving karma! For those of you who followed me down into the rabbit hole of this subject and actually got through the longest messages I’ve ever sent on the Wisdom/Sagesse Newsletter – and maybe not only read the messages but explored the processes, I salute you! 😉  And for those of you who look forward to shorter messages, I will get back to those and probably won’t do a series like this again because it’s very time consuming doing multiple page translations as opposed to a couple of paragraphs…  Either way, thanks for taking this journey with me! J

This message covers a series of specific requests you can formulate to the ‘Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records’ for some pretty deep core soul healing. I’d say it’s worth asking for each of them if you’re not sure if they apply to you or not, as deep soul healing is good for all of us considering how long we’ve been ‘playing’ down here for! But first, here are a couple of littles notes in regards to the contents of previous messages:

About the karmic work itself:

-it’s quite easy to figure out what some of your past life issues might be because whichever ones are ‘active’ in your present life show up as ‘real time’ issues that you can pinpoint without any considerations of past lives. I found it was a good process to start from scratch, meaning grab a piece of paper and split it in 4 columns (based on the 4 categories of karma), then write down whatever you’re aware of in your life that doesn’t flow, creates drama, illness, turmoil, hard edges in your interactions with yourself and others, etc. Remember that you can’t release karma you’re not willing to own and take responsibility for – realisation is essential to liberation…  I say this because most of us, without fully realising it, get stuck in victim/blame game energy, which makes it near to impossible to truly see ourselves as co-creators of anything and everything we experience.

So just doing the exercise of writing down in point form (or longer if it flows) what your ‘issues’ are can have a drastic impact on bringing things up into your awareness/out of your subconscious. As long as it’s lodged deeply into the subconscious, all you see from these patterns are their consequences (for example self-sabotaging behaviors, patterns in how others treat you or react to you, etc.), which really makes it seem like these things are happening/being done to you. In reality, these things/events/etc. are responding to you and your energy patterns, whether these are conscious or not. Lots of things seem real in the dream yet none of them are true at the core. This kind of work is about detangling from identification with form, which gets easier once beliefs and anchors are brought to the light of consciousness (or else they just fester in subconscious darkness and feed the illusion of separation, of distinct forms and relations).


About the first steps of the Energy Balancing process I’ve sent so far:

-the work on the templates in super important, doing it regularly helps to disentangle these templates so the lower bodies have clearer demarcations and aren’t ‘leaking’ into one another – this is really good to help build better discernment of the dynamics between the thought-emotion-sensation processes that for a lot of people are all intertwined (creating, for example, inabilities to distance yourself from your egoic thought patterns because they come with strong physical sensations that are easy to mistake for ‘gut feelings’ brought about by intuitions). Basically, the more the energy bodies become healthy and connected together properly, there is less interference and confusion (I would go as far as to say that most mental illnesses are due to this entangling).

-the work on the templates is also important, even essential, because the Higher Self needs these to be aligned in order to be able to slide into you completely (you might feel it enter from the crown down, I feel like it comes in through my heart from my back, this might be due to having worked a lot on the silver cord which is how the upper levels of your Being enter and merge with the lower ones – I’ll send info about that in the next and last message about this process). I say completely because it first needs a cleared space in your heart chakra to enter into, and from there it can do its work on the Hara Line and Kundalini line channels and chakras. The Hara line, once worked on, allows the Higher self to firmly establish itself in the emotional/astral body and fully connect/merge with the Astral twin/inner child, and it’s also through the Hara line and Astral twin that the Higher Self will then access the Kundalini line containing the Etheric body and Etheric double/infant self. All these steps, once completed, ensure your Higher Self is fully connected to your physical consciousness.

-about the gift exchange with the Higher self, this can seem confusing at first, but basically remain open to what it will state it wants from you, as well as what it wants to give you (remember, this part of you is connected to Source, it knows better than you do what you need lol, this isn’t about giving your power away, it’s about being humble enough to consider that your perspective might be limited by ego to what you think you want, as opposed to what you really need). In a nutshell and directly from the book: “Let the Higher Self tell you what she wants for her gift. You will be offered something you have always wanted, and asked for something you would like to lose. You will gain both ways and feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted from your soul, as if you finally have help and aren’t alone”.

-also about asking for the work to become permanent/the Higher self to remain in your consciousness permanently, be aware this needs to be done regularly before it sticks for good, Diane recommends doing it daily and has remarked for some people it can take months, and for others a couple of weeks only. This isn’t really surprising as there are many parts in our subconscious brain that would resist this kind of alignment, as it might be very different from the usual status-quo that we’ve grown up with, which constitutes our comfort/safe zone (whether or not it is one full of suffering is irrelevant to the limbic brain, for who ‘known = safe’). It’s like a training, by putting the Higher Self back in over and over again, you’re teaching your body that its ok, and once your body really feels its presence and just how benevolent and ‘filling’ it is, the brain’s re-wiring process will gain in momentum (most of our fear mechanisms that have become hardwired are due to trying to function without the Higher self firmly in place – and yes if you think about it, of course everything would be more scary when you’re dealing with physical reality only from ego/lower mind, child and infant selves!).


Alright, so that’s that for my little notes on what we’ve done up to now.  This message covers other healing processes you can ask for that all involve some pretty profound core soul healing, separated into specific requests. Diane does recommend not doing too much in one shot since all these healings do involve your body processing them and needing to detox what’s been shifted and released. As Diane puts it: “The changes being asked for are profound, despite the simplicity of the process.  They will cause major shifts in your soul structure and in your life. While all of the changes and healing are positive, the energy shifts can feel disruptive while they are happening. You may feel drained, tired, or spacey while the changes are taking place, and this may last from a few days to a few weeks after each session. Physical detoxification symptoms can occur as well, like diarrhea, nausea, frequent urination, body odor, or a runny nose for about a week. You may feel vulnerable and wish to withdraw from crowds and hectic activities for a while. None of these symptoms are harmful, do not use medication to stop the detox process as what is clearing is for your own good. Drink lots of water and treat yourself gently. Wait until the detoxification and changes stop before continuing your energy balancing meditations” (note from Julie : having a process-time between requests is specifically in regards to these requests, as opposed to the basic steps of the energy balancing process, which you benefit from doing regularly as they increase your overall frequency, which helps with detoxing, which helps with healing momentum).

Ok, now for the requests and basic notes about each of them. You will be asking for these ‘extras’ from the ‘Guardian Angels of Karma/Akashic Records’ at the step right after the work on the 5 templates and the silver cord – that is, one step before asking the Higher self to come in work on the Hara and Kundalini lines. Once you’ve asked for a couple of things on the list below and feel that’s enough (or they tell you it’s enough or start saying no to other requests), and feel the work is relatively completed (some of these go on for weeks at very subtle levels), then you ask the Higher self to come in and do her work on the Hara and Kundalini lines (you might feel this more after some of these requests than before). Then ask it to help complete all the work that’s just been done, for the changes to become permanent and self-maintaining, and finally and very importantly to reduce post-work symptoms, for a comfortable and easy integration of the changes.


Here are the requests you will ask of the Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records:

*Always a good thing to ask for, considering how bombarded we are on a daily basis from sources ranging from media to personal relationships!
“We have come through many lifetimes on a planet that has been subjected to every sort of manipulation, and most people have experienced too much of it. Negative interference can mean any of a number of things, from alien implants (not a fantasy) to psychic attacks from a jealous co-worker. Interference or manipulation can originate in this lifetime or be left over from past lives. Your request may also clear interference to your energy from the vibrational changes of the planet. You may be surprised at how this request can change your life. If your psychic abilities seem to have suddenly disappeared, or if you feel you have never had them, this may be the cure. If you feel your life is out of control and that nothing you do turns out right, or if you have been repeatedly ill, depressed, suicidal, or exhausted, this is a good place to start curing and changing these states. Feeling blocked in some aspects of your life or in one of the chakras can change quickly once doing this release.”

“These may be from this life or other lifetimes, and we all have experienced them. Some were intentional, and may have been very nasty, while others were simply bad thoughts or bad vibes from others. As opposed to full-fledged conscious attacks that we normally refer to as black magic and often have anchors within the energy bodies, most psychic attacks are indirect. The person sending it may be negative toward you and wish you harm, but probably does not realize they are actually attacking you. Jealous and angry people are prone to do this, and those who wish they could control or manipulate you.  Negative people of this sort that you have refused to accommodate are likely perpetrators of indirect attacks. Some psychic attacks are more desperate than negative. An emotionally needy person may cling to you and drain your energy, consciously or not, because feels she/he can’t cope on her own. You may feel tired or not quite well because of the energy drain, but the person usually has no idea she /he is harming you and really no intention to. Any of these situations may have happened in this lifetime, or be left over from past lives. Someone who has attacked you with intent in this lifetime may also have attacked you before.”

*The message (now a blog on the site) entitled The Changing of the Guard comes from a book that covers this subject quite extensively by Lynn Grabhorn. I’d recommend doing both processes, although this one you’re doing with the help and support of specialised Beings, whereas the other one are personal declarations you send out into the universe.
“Attachments are negative, other-dimensional, nonhuman Be-ings, and everyone incarnates with some of them in their energy. When released, they may look like grotesques or ‘monsters’, and in psychic healing they are sent to the center of the Earth for recycling. Negative entities are other-dimensional human or animal energy interference. These may be the lost astral bodies of people or pets who have died, but do not know how to fully pass from the earthplane. They can also be spirits who have died but refuse to leave, or who are drawn back by some lust or habit (they are often drawn to alcohol or drugs and they attach to the energy of those who use them). These once human or animal Be-ings must go to the between-life state for healing and reincarnation, but cannot do so without help. Elementals are distorted Earth energies trapped above ground that belong at the center of the Earth.  All of these cause disruption and discord in human lives, as well as physical, emotional, or mental dis-ease. Some were placed intentionally to work out a piece of karma, but most are just passing through. As the Earth moves from the third to the fifth dimension, it passes through the lower astral energy band, or lower fourth dimension, where misplaced and negative energies reside. One of the jobs most healers and psychics have karmically agreed to take on is the cleaning up of the fourth dimension (lower astral).”

*This should be done only after you’ve asked for re-activation of your 12 DNA-strands and feel the work is done (see previous message), as well as cleared your energy of all negative interference. Personally I did all the other steps more than once before doing this one, and in my case the potential disease issues (or genetic predispositions), related to alcohol and drug abuse as well as a range of mental illnesses in my family-line, were mostly resolved so it was a process of clearing what was left as ‘possibility’, out of my genes (and thereby my son’s).
“These are usually genetic dis-eases, including cancer. If you feel you may be at risk for a genetic dis-ease, you may also ask that the possibility of it manifesting be removed from your DNA. DNA work has important healing potential, since once your DNA has been cleared of something, you will no longer pass it onto your children. Children already born are cleared genetically when their parents ask for this, whether the children have asked for the healing themselves or not.”

*I was thrilled when I saw this request since I’ve been at this for a couple of years, retrieving fragments ‘hiding’ in parts of the universe and bringing them back into my heart center. I’ve actually felt some come back in and the immediate feeling of being more ‘complete’ (not surprising if you think about it, since a part of my whole was missing!). She offers good advice that I wish I would have known back when I started doing it though, so I’m glad to share this with you as it might make your experience ‘lighter’. J  I’ll quote her extensively on this, it’s the whole text accompanying the request in the book:
“A severe trauma, shock or fright can cause your Astral twin to split and break into pieces. The pieces are fragments of the personality ‘self’, and each carries a different aspect of karma from the trauma that caused the split. The Astral Twin reincarnates in this fragmented and damaged state if the traumas are not healed during the lifetime in which they occurred. If these unhealed fragments become developed enough and remain unrepaired through many lifetimes, they can be triggered by present trauma to become the source of multiple personality disorder. While only a few people have that much astral damage, most of us have soul fragments that need healing. There are a number of techniques for bringing in and integrating soul fragments. The process is often used in shamanism, and can also be done as a psychic healing process. The simplest and most complete way of doing it, however, is to ask the Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records to effect this piece of core soul healing for you. Be sure to ask that the fragments be healed as they are brought in, and also that they be fully integrated. Unhealed fragments are like emotionally damaged children; they are in pain themselves, and wreak havoc upon others. They must be integrated or the healing remains incomplete, and they may separate again.

When returning soul fragments are brought into your energy, you will feel a warmth at your heart center. A web of light connects the fragments into your energy at the heart, and then grows and extends upward to your crown chakra. The returning fragments may psychically appear as little children in your heart. As they integrate, they go to sleep and fade. When they first come in, talk to them as if they were  children, thank them for returning, and welcome them home. The integration can take a few days, and you will feel relaxed and well during the process an after it. When you ask the Guardian Angels of Karma/Akashic Records for this healing, you may notice one or more fragments coming in immediately, and others appearing later, at times when you are relaxed or nearly asleep. It takes about three weeks for all the fragments to come in for most people. If many of them have split off in past lives, however, you may be surprised to find them still returning to you even after months. This is a gentle, peaceful healing that brings emotional stability and calm into your life. If granted by them, it only needs to be requested once.”

*Ideally do all three of those in one session and in this order, and wait for each process to be completed before asking for the next one.  You will feel it go from one chakra to another, and there might be images/sensations/thoughts that accompany the work, giving you a glimpse of who the cord attaches to. There are often more than one cord per chakra, just allow and accept whatever information comes as the cords are being released (pretty practical info especially if regards a person you are actively in contact with!).
About the Kundalini line cords and hooks: “Cords are negative emotional attachments to your energy made by other people in this lifetime. Hooks are deeper attachments from people that you have incarnated with before and have much karma with now. We are born with these hooks, while the cords accumulate in this life. Never attempt to psychically pull out or rip out a hook as it tears your energy and can make you feel sick, let them dissolve these hooks and ask that it be as gentle as possible.

About the Hara line hooks: “Cords do not develop here, but the hooks appear very large and are serious obstructions to your life path. There is rarely more than one per chakra, and they won’t appear in every chakra. Once again it’s important you don’t pull at these, ask that they be dissolved and for the healing and integration to be comfortable and easy. The great deal of toxins and energy damage that cords and hooks contain may leave you feeling unwell for a couple of weeks. Their removal is freeing and healing, however, and you will be very glad you did it.”

*Proceed with caution with this one, as Diane’s experience was quite intense and uncomfortable (she woke up in the middle of the night feeling like she was having a heart attack), mine not like hers but still overwhelming as it’s happening… really brings the event up to awareness, be aware that you might feel what you felt when it happened, and especially when the trauma is from childhood, you feel it as the child felt it at its own level of development and capacity to make sense of what happened.
“Hearts scars are the result of great emotional pain in this lifetime. Almost everyone has at least one of them. They prevent full emotional blossoming and heart opening, and make it difficult to develop positive trust and a healthy self-image. If left unhealed in this lifetime, they become karmic issues in lifetimes to come. Their removal can be very painful and may occur in several episodes if there are several scars. The process can start intensely and ends within an hour. The release will probably not manifest immediately but usually within three days. Ask that the clearing be as gentle as possible, yet be aware it will still feel quite intense, like a panic attack and might involve vivid flashes of the heart scar’s origins”

Quotes taken from We are the Angels, by Diane Stein


I definitely recommend doing this last one on its own, and after you’ve completed a couple of rounds of the other requests and are told it’s done. But of course, if your guidance tells you otherwise and you know for certain that it is your guidance talking to you, then do what’s right for you.  I have made it a habit at this point in my life to regularly state what I allow to communicate with me (I tend to say something like ‘In the name of the light and the conscious being that I am, I hereby declare that only what is 100% pure love and light and has my highest good at heart can communicate with me – either directly or via pendulum, Tarot cards, etc.). This isn’t about fear and apprehension as much as it’s about awareness that there are lots of Beings out there with different goals and ways of seeing things and consciously deciding what you allow around you – that is our power as co-creators, and its basic boundary setting. Its good practice for learning to set boundaries with other humans too! Lol

That’s that for this message, what an awesome clean up and round up of all our energies this process offers! I’m so happy to share it with you all, whether you do it now or in 20 years or never at all, it’s still a pleasure to share! The last one of the series will be arriving sometime next week or the week after and will explore the last levels of the Energy Balancing process, in which you bring into your now more spacious and properly aligned energy field the higher frequency levels of your Being, the ones that were never affected by any of your earthplane experiences. These merge with the Higher self and it’s a very awesome feeling that I wish for us all to experience! 😉

Love and Laughter to you all!

Julie Claire

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