Dissolving Karma: Part 6

Final Steps of Energy Balancing – Bringing the highest levels of your Light Being back into you!

Wow I knew ‘1’ energy was upon us but man oh man oh man have I been running after time these last couple of weeks!  It has made it quite difficult to get to this last message of the series, but here I am with the final steps to complete the Dissolving Karma series!!!  The timing is awesome too, right between my birthday and Valentine’s day I get to do what I love most: share wisdom and processes that help us shed fear, transcend shadows and ‘slowly but surely let go of the ego’ (actually it’s more like expand so big that it dissolves). This message will be *a bit* shorter as there are only 2 steps involved in order to finalise the full presentation of the Energy Balancing process (and some final words about it).

This process is so beneficial to bringing more peace into your body and psyche as it brings us back to wholeness. It reconnects the highest parts of you that were never affected by anything you’ve experienced here on the earthplane, to the parts of you who did experience traumas and damage from thousands of years of experiences revolving around polarities of fear and love. Something really awesome in the meeting of the 2, the merging of the human experience with the experience of being spirit…  hardly describable with words…  I think I used ‘yummy’ in the first message of the series, and that’s about right, it’s ’gooey-yummy-decadent-ultimate-comfort-food for the soul’, lol.

This message is split up in three parts: a couple of reminders before going into the final process, then the actual 2 steps left, and some final suggestions and comments from Diane Stein’s book to conclude the series.


REMINDER – these last 2 steps should be done once you feel that :

1-Many of the basic core karmic issues have been cleared – not completely but enough to lower the ‘noise’ of the lower bodies as the higher parts of you are very in tune and emit powerful harmonising energies. These energies ‘conflict’ with certain ‘lower’ parts of you who might push that energy away if some karmic issues are still really flared.  The higher levels of your being will never push back and force themselves into your energy system (even though sometimes we wish they would, it’s not the way of love, which bends and allows).  Also, it’s important to realise that the karmic ‘issues’ we have are often in layers of opposing experiences in alternating lifetimes. Awareness of both is needed for resolution of the central theme around which these experiences revolve. For example, one I had to work out in many layers was related to the fear of being in my power, but the actual fundamental theme revolved around trust: some layers were about not trusting I would use it for the good of all, other layers were about not trusting I would be safe using my powers for the good of all. Each on its own was creating interference to allowing myself to have full access to my power (a toggling psychic split of protect others OR protect myself). But both of these in alternating lifetimes, like one was the answer to the other and who knows how long that cycle would have lasted, created a much stronger ‘bind’ (in which power = danger/unsafe).

2-The templates and silver cord stay aligned in a more stable way – it doesn’t have to be all the way to the higher self permanently installed within you, but the basic balancing process requires less work than before. I still do the process in all its steps, from aligning the energy bodies and their connections all the way to the I Am template, activate the Silver Cord, bring in the Higher Self, and then what you will learn in this message. As time goes by and you do the balancing process regularly, it stabilises and you start noticing what tends to get out of alignment and what tends to stick more. Eventually the Higher self doesn’t need to be called in as much as it’s already in place (feeling more peaceful and less agitated is a good cue to knowing you’re in better alignment within and between your energy bodies). If we put it in human time, most likely give it about one full month of doing the steps of the Energy Balancing process presented in the fourth message, to which you will add the specific requests for soul core healing of the fifth message – these might require time to be fully processed and to let your body detox from some of their effects, but do ask the Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records, they will advise accordingly as sometimes bringing in these higher parts of our Being helps speed up the detox process.

Now, I know this might be harder to process for some than for others, but the higher parts you’ll be bringing back in and merging with the higher self (remember the higher self is like the adult energy frequency, then there are also the loving parent and the wise grandparent frequencies to integrate to finalise the re-alignment of all the nestled layers of your Being) are basically parts of your angelic self. Hence the name of Diane Stein’s book: We are the Angels! So for those of you who don’t believe in angels, how does this idea get processed in you, that YOU ARE AN ANGEL?  We’re all angels, disguised in physical bodies, having a multitude of experiences to play with and transcend shadows, to see through illusions, to find the light in the depths of darkness and deception. If only we remembered… it would be much easier but I’m told not as fun, meaning it would be like being in a roller coaster and knowing in advance every single twist and turn. Something about the exhilaration of the unknown, then getting back to safety and in full awareness that you can’t truly be hurt, and then just wanting to go right back in for another ride!

So, even though it seems like it would be nice to remember who we really are right off the bat when we arrive here, it also seems like the journey would be less intense if we did. Take the time to notice how that makes you feel…  It’s a big one to digest, especially when we are still experiencing a lot of suffering in our lives. It’s also what moved me to write this long series of messages, as I know what it’s like to not feel the inner light that pervades us all and to be ‘stuck’ in the shadows for so long that hope seems completely lost…  I’ve had more than one incarnation in which I ‘gave up’ on the light, and it seems like this life has been a huge synthesis of the full span of my experiences here on Earth – from heights of consciousness to depths of darkness and despair. Much wisdom has been gained and my soul has experienced maturation, a growth transition from the developmental level of an adolescent/young adult to a more matured adult-like expression of a loving parent (to myself and my journey as well as that of others). I have a book in the works that will tell the story of this unfolding, I look forward to sharing that story!


Bringing into your consciousness your ESSENCE/STAR SELF and your CAUSAL/OVERSOUL SELF:

*these processes are best done laying down, either right before bed or with at least 2 hours to rest after cause you might feel a bit ‘spacey’ and honestly, it’s quite enjoyable to feel the process happening and that is easier to do when there isn’t a ‘to-do list’ spinning in your head! Obviously making sure you will not have to deal with interruptions is a great idea too (turn phones off, put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door, etc.). Make it a sacred thing for you, this is about reconnecting with the most elevated and luminous aspects of your true self!  J

*do them separately, allowing from one week up to a full month between them in order to fully integrate the energies. Your entire energy system can go through periods of change and purification that can last several weeks, so allowing time between the processes simply ensures you’re giving yourself time to process and integrate the changes. Going too fast can make the process harder and longer, be gentle with yourself and follow the guidance, i.e. ask and respect the answer you receive from the Angels helping you with this deep healing work. This is NOT a race, don’t overcharge your energetic system! Detox symptoms and healing crisis are not fun to experience!

*if you receive ‘no’ for any request, simply ask what you need to know or do to continue, release anything you are shown with the karmic clearing formula or follow the direction they give you as it might involve re-doing one of the core soul healing requests, or more superficially speaking it might not be the right time – I’ve had a situation where they said ‘no’, and when I asked ‘why’ they told me to clear the energies in the room first, another time it was about ‘interference’ and I had to take care of the thing I was worrying about before I could really settle into my energy system and be receptive…

Do all the steps you’ve already learnt from the fourth message: call in ‘the crew’, ask to receive the work from them, then ask that the energy bodies and their connections be aligned, then the work on the Ka, Etheric, Ketheric, Celestial, I Am templates, then the activation of the Silver Cord (very important for this part of the process!), then bring the Higher Self in and let it do work on all the chakras and channels of the Hara and Kundalini lines. Personally I take extra time to feel the work done by the Higher Self on the chakras of the 2 lines, it’s like a lesson in feeling the exact location of each of them (you don’t have to take extra time, but it’s worth it cause you feel them much better after, including when they get out of whack!).


You are now ready for the next part, which is to bring in your ESSENCE/STAR Self!

a-the three Galactic templates (wait until that feels done, or ask if unsure)
b-the five Galactic chakras (these are in the back and are hard to feel as they are on the outer level)
c-ask your ESSENCE/STAR Self to come in, connect and merge with your Higher Self

These templates connect into the Hara line of the emotional body, specifically into the navel/Hara chakra, the thymus chakra and the causal chakra at the back of the base of the head. For those of us who like to understand what that does and how it works, here is what Diane Stein writes about these templates and chakras and the process of the ESSENCE/STAR Self coming in:

‘The first Galactic template operates through your thymus chakra on the hara line, it offers connection to and conscious awareness of our planet of origin and the ships that will bring us back there once we are done here on Earth. The second Galactic template connects to our closer to physical energy through the hara chakra on the emotional body hara line. The hara chakra (note from Julie: your navel area) is the central repository of our life purpose for this incarnation and of our ability to accomplish it. The third Galactic template is the Essence Self’s access into our consciousness and joining our closer to physical energy. It connects through the causal body chakra on the hara line (note from Julie: that’s the chakra at the base of your skull in the back of your head). (…)

The Galactic chakras are located down our back, on an outer level. When developed they connect with the three lower Kundalini chakras. You may feel much activity and may see colors and light with this step. You may also see Angels flying around at this point. Wait for the activity to stop, or at least pause, before going further (note from Julie: I didn’t see anything but felt a lot of movement around me, it seems parts of us are swirling all over the place lol, it took a while for it to calm down the first time).

When you ask your Essence/Start Self to come in and merge with your Higher Self, you may see her clearly, more clearly that you did your Higher Self. Ask her name and talk with her for a while. (Note from Julie: the names of the Higher Self, Essence/Star Self and Causal/Oversoul Self are really similar, don’t worry if you don’t get the name right away, it can take a while and isn’t a core priority as it doesn’t affect the process).

You will first see her form, then see her throw out a lasso or cord of light. The light falls downward to join or plug into your Higher Self at the back of the heart. Your Essence Self then seems to slide down the light stream and join with your Higher Self’s welcoming energy. When I watched this, lights and colors rose like a fountain of splashing water. Every sensation in the process was wonderful. Take some time to experience it. Then Ask your Essence Self to remain connected permanently with your Higher Self and with your energy and consciousness, and end the meditation. (note from Julie: it will take more than one request that it become permanent before it sticks for good, and you’ll learn to tell when its needs to be re-aligned just by how you feel).

Wait at least a week before bringing in the next level of your Being into your awareness. You will need time to integrate the changes your Essence Self’s presence is making in your energy, and the healing she/he is accomplishing for you at all levels. This is very intense energy, but all gentle and comforting. Angels are our protectors and teachers. When you feel ready to bring in your Causal/Oversoul Self, do it when going to bed so you will have the night ahead of you to enjoy the process ’.

When you feel ready to bring in the last layer of your Soul into your conscious awareness (from one week up to a month or longer based on your feeling), do the full process learnt up to now, bring in the Essence/Star Self, and then :

a-the three Causal templates (wait until that feels done, or ask if unsure)
b-the five Causal chakras (these are even further out and hard to feel as they are on the outer level)
c-ask your CAUSAL/OVERSOUL self to come in, connect and merge with your Essence/Star Self and your Higher Self

Couple of words from Diane on this last step:

‘When you ask for the activation of the Causal Body Templates and Chakras, the energy may be very intense but at the same time also feel very far away. You will have a sense of light and speed, but possibly nothing clear or visual. The opening will happen very rapidly, in a flurry of activity, just wait for it to quiet down and the sensations to finish before going on.

Once you ask for the Oversoul Self to come in and merge with the Essence/Star Self and the Higher Self, you may find it harder to obtain a visual image at this level, as everything here feels much too distant, which it is. The energy sensation is unmistakable, however. Something is there, something very strong, good, and powerful. When this part of you seems fully in, ask for a name. You may seem to just know it, now or later, without actually hearing it. The names of Higher Self, Essence Self and Oversoul Self may be close to each other, even containing a common syllable.  Your soul’s true name, through all its incarnations, changes, and millennia, is the name given you by your Oversoul Self.

Conversation with this part of you may be difficult, but as it merges with your Essence and Higher Selves, it moves closer to and integrates with your consciousness. This will make it more accessible for conversation in time. This part brings with it a strong and secure sense of well-being and joy, that becomes consciously stronger with each passing day. Invite your Oversoul Self to remain connected to your Essence Self and Higher Self permanently.  This will not happen immediately, and may take several days for the initial connection. Merging and integration takes longer, probably several months. Remember from how far away this part of you is coming to join with you. ‘

There is a finalisation to do (2 parts), which can be done at the same time, it is literally what seals all these aspects and selves into a self-contained unit that holds all these selves (but isn’t really a ‘self’):

Invite your Oversoul to come in, to connect and merge with your Oversoul Self, and to join with your energy through all the levels and “selves”.

‘The sensations here are primarily of light and may seem quiet or dramatic. When she is fully within your energy, ask your Oversoul’s name. it will be one you know and love. Never demand your Oversoul’s presence and merging, always ask or invite instead.’

Ask that all the processes and alignments you have now completed become permanent and self-sustaining on all levels.

‘Repetition may be required for a while to make them so, but you are on your way to this very positive permanence. Come back to Now, but give yourself time – the whole night if possible – to relax with the energy and the changes in your aura. You may spend the night talking with your Higher Self, Essence Self, Oversoul Self and Oversoul, or just soaking up the colors and the joy. You have made a great step forward in your soul’s evolution in a very short time. Don’t forget to say thank you!’


Final suggestions and comments to finish the process (and finish this series!)

Oh my!  Here we go with some final infos and a nice quote that ends Diane Stein’s book!

*Keep up with the Energy Balancing process, especially during the first months of doing it as the energy bodies and the connections between them can shift really easily. This will stabilise a lot once the ‘outer selves’ are integrated more permanently. Feeling out of sorts, stressed out, unbalanced, etc. is a good sign that they need to be re-aligned, and doing so will quickly calm and soothe your energy. The templates can move and shift around a lot too, align them regularly, if not daily. Same with aligning and clearing the Hara and Kundalini line channels and clearing and fully activating the silver cord. She recommends doing the full Energy Balancing process at least twice a week for the first few months of working with the ‘outer body selves’, then check-in weekly to see what needs to be done to maintain the connections (she also states she still does it twice a day, and personally I’ll keep doing it at least three times a week cause it feels awesome and it brings a structure to meditation time, which is good!)

*Regularly check the energy bodies themselves, by ‘asking if you need healing and clearing at the etheric body level, the astral/emotional body level, the mental body or mind grid, and the spiritual/celestial level.’  You can also add this request at some point, after you’ve done the core soul healing requests from the fifth message and have been bringing in the ‘outer selves’ regularly : ask the ‘Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records’ to ‘clear and heal your mind grid of all negative and outmoded thought forms. Beyond the mind grid and mental body level, the bodies will not need clearing, and the core soul healing requests take care of any healing that remains above this level. You may ask at this time, too, if your Etheric Double or Astral Twin needs healing. If you wish, you may also check each chakra on the Hara and Kundalini line, but if you align and heal the channels as a whole they probably will require little or no individual work.    

*It might seem like a lot of work, but this whole process is actually very quick. It takes less than 10 minutes to get everything aligned so you can bring the Higher Self in. The more you’re willing to bring in the higher parts of you, on a daily basis, the faster these energy ‘selves’ will connect permanently and integrate fully.  Don’t forget that the templates need to be aligned, cleared and activated for these higher energies to come in.  The whole process can be done in 20 minutes, even though you might want to ‘dwell’ in the energies longer than that, cause it really is….  Yummy! 😉


‘Use the processes of this book with thanks and great respect for the gifts the ‘Guardian Angels of the Akashic Records’ have offered us. The methods are simple, and they need to be used and shared. Even children can do karmic release and energy balancing and do them well. By starting their energy healing early, who knows how far beyond us today’s children may evolve?  Remember also to use these methods for animal healing. They suffer as much as we do and devote their lives to serving us.

One day it may become a redundant idea to clear karma and balance energy, and we can hardly truly imagine what it would be like to experience new beginnings of this magnitude. We are one small planet in a boundless galaxy and universe. By raising our abilities to reconnect with and heal our own energy, we begin both healing planet Earth and reconnecting with and healing our place in the universe. Once everyone have all their ‘selves’ reintegrated into their Oversoul, we will be more evolved people on a more enlightened planet. We may then be ready for ascension and rejoining the intergalactic community. Until then, let us use the karmic processes to follow a path of healing for everyone and the Earth’.

Could it be that we might do what seems impossible to Jed McKenna and actually become a humanity that has grown out of Childhood into Adulthood? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, it is an individual process and the more each of us is willing to take responsibility for our own healing and maturation process, the more we pave the way for those who walk behind us, the more we bring up the frequency of the collective unconscious. What can I say at this point, other than: LET’S DO THIS!!!! J

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