Julie Claire

-Linda Lang, Thought Change, Ottawa, Ontario

I first met Julie several years ago at an SFC workshop and she was the guest speaker. Julie was not the typical type of healer/intuitive that I went to, but I found her talk quite interesting. When we started the chakra mantra meditation – WOW! The energy was amazing. It felt like the top of my head opened up and all this energy poured into me. It was at that point that I decided to work with her one on one.

-Tanya Wodicka, Au coeur du Saule, Wakefield, Québec

J’ai découvert tout un monde avec Julie. Merci, d’être, et de continuer à partager tes connaissances intérieures. Ma vie personnelle a pris un nouveau tournant. J’ai intégré facilement la rencontre avec mes guides ainsi que les autres voyages intérieurs, que se soit dans mon quotidien ou au niveau professionnel, comme thérapeute. Ces voyages intérieurs travaillent en profondeur sur nos patterns, notre évolution et notre mission de vie.

-Madeline McBride, Ottawa, Ontario

Julie’s workshops provide very fun and powerful frameworks for connecting to my other selves (soul, shadow, etc.) and guides in order to heal, receive advice and understand. Julie’s one-on-one support is the biggest advantage for me. While I am experiencing the journey she invariably provides clarity and suggestions that add tremendously to the process.

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