The real starting point ♥ Le vrai point de départ

Note from Julie: A couple more quotes from Jed McKenna’s book Spiritual Warfare will be arriving in your inbox before we are officially done with The Enlightenment Trilogy. I know they are long quotes, and if you don’t have time to read them you can of course just delete them but you can also put them aside for when you would have some time to ponder what he is saying. The full set of quotes I’ve sent from him pretty much cover the essence of each of the three books. Also I will make it a habit to put the content of each Newsletter I send by email on the site as a blog post, for future reference and availability. The site is coming along well, but far from done. You’re welcome to explore it, or its backbone anyways since its content is still being developed or re-worked from the old site. Feel free to give me suggestions or comments regarding the site. It is a highly creative process and I’m just flowing with it – a wonderful experience for me of getting away from hyper structured idea development in academia. By the way, to those who knew I was in a PhD program, I am letting go of that goal. I am moving on, or should I say, moving out (of my head)! It is possible that that was the goal all along, to give me time to really see that the ego drive for status and ‘being right’ has left the building of Julie, or what’s left of Julie anyways. It feels good to drop it, it’s like a new way of being in which whatever isn’t aligned with my new frequencies is just falling off. Of course there is still some ego in me resisting, telling me it’s not ok to quit or to stop doing things to ‘prove my worth’, but as I keep slicing off its hooks, that voice sounds more and more like a little child having a tantrum, a little child slowly realising that it doesn’t work anymore and it’s time to grow up. 😉

La quête extérieure VS le regard intérieur ♥ External Seeking VS Internal Looking

« Nous pouvons continuer à nous dire à quel point nous sommes merveilleux, à quel point nous sommes braves et que notre esprit est vif et plein d’entrain, mais cela fait partie de la pathologie inhérente à notre trouble du sommeil. On peut continuer nos explorations et investigations dans les tréfonds de l’espace et les fonds souterrains de l’océan et les laboratoires, afin de maintenir notre conviction que nous sommes des explorateurs courageux de l’inconnu, mais cela n’est qu’un autre symptôme de cette même pathologie. Toutes et chacune de nos poursuites extérieures sont considérées nobles et importantes, car nous faisons tous et toutes parties du même club, et telles en sont les règles. Comment est-ce possible que nous en sommes essentiellement au même niveau de développement qu’où nous en étions rendus au point le plus ancien de notre histoire écrite? Pourquoi est-ce que notre environnement extérieur est constamment en train de changer, mais que notre paysage intérieur reste le même? Parce que voilà la première règle de ce club :

Personal revolution or collective evolution? ♥ Révolution personnelle ou évolution collective?

‘Human spirituality is not an effective path to freedom, as it poses no threat to the status quo. The spiritual marketplace is a state-sanctioned enterprise. It is part of the delusion, not the way out of it. Spiritual and religious practices in the dream-state do not result in progress. It’s not that they’re bad at it, but that it’s outside their scope. The kind of evolution needed to wake up from the segregated, egoic-bound dream-state is on a much more personal level. It’s not about what people can do together, but what one person can do alone; a serious person who is willing to make a fresh start and play the game as it is, not as they’ve been told or as they might wish it is.

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